Fast Feedback

Contributor:  Roger Moore NorQuest College

Ingredients:  index cards

Method:  each person receives index card and answers two questions on the card;

  1. What have you liked so far on the course, workshop, session, etc.  (to continue this!)
  2. What would you like different in the second half of session, next week, etc.  (things to consider changing!)

Collect cards and read through them at break or while learners are working on a task.

Special Notes: Done early in the learning there is time to get feedback to check if you are doing what is working for the learners.  Since it is anonymous, no names and dropped into a bag, box, not handed directly to the instructor, feedback seems to be to be constructive and direct and from all learners.

Can be done a number of times to fine tune a course, workshop, etc.

Feedback may be put into a document and ‘power pointed’ on screen and shown to participants so they get feedback on what others like about the course and would like different.  As well, instructor can say how they will address the points.

For online courses / sessions can also be done very quickly onto a Google form anonymously

Acknowledgments: May be from Angelo & Cross – Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)

References:  see CATs

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