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Contributor: Kosha Bramesfeld, PhD (

The tutorial, quiz questions, and answer key [available in English and in French] are published with the Office of Teaching Resources (OTRP) in Psychology and can be freely accessed as follows:

  • Go to the URL:
  • Scroll down to the category “Ethical Issues” [categories are listed alphabetically]
  • Identify the resource: “Plagiarism Prevention Tutorial: How to Avoid Common Forms of Plagiarism”
  • [To keep students from accessing the answer key to the quiz, access to the quiz answer via the OTRP website key requires Teaching of Psychology membership. Those who are not members but wish to access the answer key can email me directly for answer key access. Verification of position may be required].

I can also be contacted by email ( for access to the tutorial and quiz.


The 77-slide tutorial discusses common errors that can lead to plagiarism, including (a) failure to properly cite sources, (b) overreliance on the words or organizational structure of someone else’s work, and (c) overuse of other people’s work, at the expense of one’s own contributions. Students learn how to correct these errors as they progress through five sections of the tutorial: (1) What is plagiarism? (2) Citing sources using APA style, (3) Paraphrasing information, (4) Making it your own, and (5) Preparing a list of references. The resource includes an introduction describing the tutorial and a pool of true-false and multiple choice quiz questions. The answer key for the quiz can be found by accessing the resource after logging into the members-only site or by e-mailing the author.

Special Notes:

The tutorial is published with the Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology. Thanks to Marie-Claude Richard & Sophie Dubé (Université Laval), the tutorial, quiz questions, and answer key are now also available translated into French.

Many thanks go to Tammy Gocial and Peter Green of Maryville University; Ruth Ault, the OTRP Director; and the OTRP reviewers for their many helpful suggestions in revising and improving the tutorial, and to Marie-Claude Richard and Sophie Dubé for their French translation of the resource.


Bramesfeld, K. D. (2015). Plagiarism prevention tutorial: How to avoid common forms of plagiarism [OTRP Peer Reviewed Teaching Resource – Ethical Issues,].


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