Reflection Round Robin

Contributor: Lisa Endersby, York University,

Ingredients: Flipchart paper, markers, tape, sticky notes (optional), pens/pencils (optional)


  1. Write a question/theme/topic/prompt on the top of a piece of flipchart paper. Repeat as many times as necessary depending on the number of questions (usually 3-6 depending on the size of the group)
  2. Tape flipcharts around the room (or lay them on tables)
  3. Group participants (one group for each flipchart)
  4. Participants are instructed to respond to their assigned question/prompt as a group (using the markers or by writing thoughts on sticky notes and adding them to the flipchart page) *Note: You can time this thinking/writing period to encourage a bit of competition and/or urgency to ideally have thoughts flow more freely)
  5. After about 2-3 minutes (or whatever interval is appropriate for your setting), ask participants to rotate to the next closest flipchart (e.g. one to the left)
  6. Participants are now tasked with responding to the comments/questions left from the previous group and/or adding their own thoughts
  7. Continue until each group has looked at each flipchart (or modify depending on time/number of groups/desired outcome)
  8. The last group at each flipchart is responsible for presenting the collected information for debriefing and discussion

Special Notes: You can also have participants create questions and write them on the flipcharts, while then having the other participants respond as individuals or in groups as described above. Participants would then go back to their original question to review and curate responses before presenting back to the larger group.

Acknowledgements: I've modified and re-created this exercise many times over with the insight and feedback of numerous colleagues.

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