Rose or Daisy?


Contributor:  Gaye Manwaring, University of Dundee,


Explain that you will give them several pairs of words and they have to decide which of each pair of alternatives they most resemble.  Give an example of the first one. Are you more like a rose or a daisy?  Are you like a rose; cultured and fragrant, but do some colleagues see you as thorny? Or are you like a daisy; commonplace but resilient?  Ask them to write down just one word from each pair. The remaining pairs (which could vary) are: cat or dog; sun or moon; river or lake; oak or pine.  Then ask them to move around and try to find people with 3 or more items in common.  Then in small groups they discuss the reasons for their choices.

Special Notes
This is good as an introduction to topics like reflection or leadership where self-perception is important. It also gets them talking to each other.

We have used it for years.  The origin is unknown.


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