Things in Common

Submitted by: Mel Young, Cambrian College,

Ingredients: Post-It, Pen

Method: Have everyone in your session pair up. Give them two minutes on the clock to find out everything they have in common with their partner. I usually give rules that obvious similarities don’t count (e.g. both wearing glasses, both female, both brunettes, both wearing jeans, etc.). This forces the participants to really ask questions to find out what they may have in common with their partner beyond the obvious! After two minutes, have the teams tally how many things they had in common. The team with the highest number in common is the winner.

Special Notes: This works especially well when you have a group of people that don’t know each well (or at all)! It is a great ice breaker to get people talking and get them a bit more comfortable with each other. If you are working with a small group, you can have them do this multiple times to get to know as many people as they can.

Acknowledgements: This is an ice breaker brought to the college by the Quality Teaching Resource Centre coordinator.

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