Contributor: Mandy Frake-Mistak, York University, mfmistak@yorku.ca


Ingredients: Lots and lots of buttons varying in size, design, colour

Method:  Everyone gets a button at the start of the workshop. Participants will think of one thing that is weighing heavily on their minds, squeezing the button as they do so. The button is meant to symbolize something they want to leave behind or be mindful of as they continue to engage in the day’s activities. Participants have a choice to keep the button but putting it in their pocket or having it collected by the facilitator. If participants choose to keep their button, encourage them to put it in a back pocket or a little pocket. Keeping the button symbolizes that participants may not be able to let go of whatever is happening in their life or whatever may be going on outside of the workshop. Participants are to be mindful that by placing it in a pocket these outside thoughts will be with them at all times. Facilitators should encourage participants to be focused and present

Special Notes: This activity works best when participants in a session already know each other and have begun to develop a relationship.

Acknowledgements: I did not invent this activity but was also not shown this either.

References: I am not aware of any although they probably exist.

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