You Did It, Now I Want To!


Contributor: Mandy Frake-Mistak, York University,

Ingredients: none required

Method: This reflective activity asks participants to think about something they have seen/heard/shared by a fellow participant during the workshop/class. The facilitator might say something like “reflect on one thing you heard a group member share today that you would like to emulate in your future teaching”. The facilitator then asks each person to jot their reflection on a post it/piece of paper. In a large group each person will share one word that represents what they have written on the paper.

Special Notes: This is an effective way to conclude an event or workshop. Although no one else in the group will know whom individuals wish to “emulate”, it becomes clear to all the depth and scope of learning that has taken place.

Acknowledgements: I cannot take credit for inventing this activity but I have adapted it in various ways for multi-use in workshops and courses.

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