Content Mastery Assessment and Feedback without Letter Grades


Contributor: Dr. Brian Lamb, University of Central Oklahoma,

Ingredients (any equipment or supplies needed for the activity): Gradebook, any tools you would use as part of your grading process

Method (what you do): Below is the Grading Policies section from a syllabus for my conducting class


Special Notes: Dr. Brian Lamb is the Director of the School of Music at the University of Central Oklahoma where, among his administrative duties, he continues to conduct the Wind Symphony and teach graduate courses. Before his administrative appointment, he had a full teaching load for 14 years.  He has used the grading approach as shown here, which is excerpted from the syllabus of one of his conducting classes.

Acknowledgements:  I adapted this grading system from a session presented by Dr. Robert Duke, Director of the University of Texas Butler School of Music’s Center for Music and Human Learning.

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