Flavouring for lectures

Contributor: Jo Peat (j.peat@roehampton.ac.uk), University of Roehampton

Ingredients: (any equipment or supplies needed for the activity) other colleagues – between 3 and 4; lapel microphones

Method (what you do): One academic takes the stage to give the main lecture. After speaking for about 10 minutes, add a little spice. I add this suddenly, not mixing in subtly. A pair of colleagues are seated halfway back in the auditorium and they begin an academic debate/discussion/argument on one of the points raised. After five minutes or so, stir the mixture again by returning to the main ingredient: the academic at the front. S/he continues with the lecture before being ‘interrupted’ by a colleague on the other side of the auditorium who asks pointed questions and either agrees or disagrees with the main speaker. S/he can draw in other students if the atmosphere is conducive. The session then returns to the main speaker to carry on until the cooking is complete.

Special Notes: This works particularly well with Year 1 students. It can’t be used very often, because it is the surprise element of people daring to contribute and disagree that makes it work.

References (links to scholarly articles, conference presentations etc where people can find out more if needed) probably are some but none to my knowledge

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