Exit Tickets

Contributor: Lisa Endersby, York University (lendersb@yorku.ca)



Ingredients: Paper (e.g. index card or a single sheet of paper) and a pen/pencil for each participant

(*Note: Index cards or a paper of similar size often works well to encourage a quick & short reflection)


1. Share question prompt(s) with participants. This can be done as a slide or verbally. Ideally, there is only a single question for the participants to respond to, though multiple questions can be used depending on your assessment/learning goals.

2. Participants respond to question prompt(s) on paper. (*Note: This can be timed if needed or desired).

3. 'Tickets' are collected by the facilitator for review.

Special Notes:

Tickets can be anonymous or include the participant's name, depending on the context, assessment/learning goals, and/or how the facilitator chooses to follow up on the collected information.

Exit tickets are often most valuable when there is an opportunity to directly and promptly follow up on participants' reflections. If your workshop is running over multiple days and/or if you have included a lunch break (or any break), consider using exit tickets as a formative assessment strategy to assess participant interest and understanding.

Acknowledgements: I can't take credit for this idea. It's been used multiple times across a variety of workshops and classes that I've participated in and/or faciltiated.


Sample Exit Tickets

Exit Tickets: Checking for Understanding

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