3x Summarization

Contributor: Lisa Endersby, York University (lendersb@yorku.ca)


Ingredients: Paper and pen


1. In sequence, ask participants to write 3 different summaries of the workshop and/or lesson. Each summary will be written in fewer and fewer words:

  • Summary in 10-15 words
  • Summary in 30-50 words
  • Summary in 75-100 words

2. In between writings, participants can think-pair-share with a partner to review their summaries.

3. The shortest summary (10-15 words) can be shared aloud with the larger group.

Special Notes:

This process can also be reversed, moving from a shorter to longer summary with each writing.

To aid in critical reflection and to focus on key points, each writing can be timed (e.g. 10 minutes per summary).

This could also be done on flipchart paper where participants are then asked to display and share their summaries for peer comments and/or instructor feedback.

Acknowledgements: This strategy was listed alongside a much longer list of formative assessment strategies curated by David Wees.

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