Draw It Out

Contributor: Lisa Endersby, York University (lendersb@yorku.ca)


Ingredients: Flipchart paper & markers


  1. Provide each group or individual participant with a piece of flipchart paper and markers.
  2. (Re)introduce key concepts from the workshop either as a summary (e.g. summary slide) or verbally.
  3. Instruct participants to choose a key concept that resonated most with them. (Note: They can also choose a concept that they still have questions about).
  4. Ask the participants to illustrate the concept on the flipchart paper without using any words.  This can be a timed activity depending on the length of the workshop and whether the goal is to 'test' knowledge and/or to provide space for freedom of expression and interpretation.

Special Notes:

This is a fun exercise to get participants thinking "outside of the box" and to encourage a more diverse set of learning and/or communication styles.

It can be interesting to first ask other groups/individual participants to 'guess' or interpret other drawings as a first step in the debriefing process. This could help to show if everyone learned or interpreated what was being shared in the same or similar ways.

Alternatively, each group or participant could be assigned a key concept to draw. Participants can then present their drawings and their rationale for their artistic choices.

Acknowledgements: I am inspired by colleagues I have worked with that use illustration and drawings to demonstrate their learning.

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