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Cue cards – but they can also use scraps of paper – in other words, no advance prep needed!


At any point in your session, but typically when you wish to summarize and extend thinking to that point, ask students to write a ! on one side of a piece of paper (or cue card) and a ? on the other. With the !, ask them to write one new insight they have had as a result the discussion; with the ?, one new question they could ask.

I always tell them I’m going to type up their responses and show the class the summary slide.

It helps me know what is having the greatest impact on their thinking.

Special Notes:

I came up with this first in an EDC workshop – it literally just came to me. I’m grateful to the participants of that session for playing along – their feedback is what prompted me to use it again and I now use it once in almost every course.

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