Finish My Sentences

Contributor: Cedomir Gladovic, Holmesglen Institute,


Ingredients: Piece of paper with 3 uncompleted sentences / Anonymous Google form

Method: Each person who attended professional development session or any workshop should provide facilitator with brief but effective written feedback. The feedback should not be in a form of a typical survey (question based) but rather in a format of open ended sentences.

Participants should finish the following sentences:

  1. Using one word descriptor, this session should be labelled as…
  2. The highlight of this session was…
  3. Please improve next session by/with…

Sentences should be amended/adjusted/designed to address:

  • An overall understanding of the workshop;
  • The most important lesson learnt and;
  • To identify downfalls which should be improved.

It can also be easily converted into online evaluative tool using Google form anonymously.

Special Note: This can be used as simple survey to evaluate effectiveness of any workshop, professional development session or professional presentation. Facilitator can easily collect and review collected data.

Acknowledgements: Not original idea but importance of constructive feedback to a facilitator is greatly underestimated. Valuable feedback is hardly provided to facilitator at the end of session.

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